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One Degree Organic Foods believe in the connection between healthy soil, healthy crops, and healthy people. They believe in clean, nourishing foods. And they believe that customers deserve transparency in those foods. That’s why producers have created tracking technology that gives customers the power to meet the farmers and producers behind every ingredient – just like a farmers’ market.

One Degree Organic Foods work with small farmers and producers who use methods passed down over generations, so you get to taste nature’s most nutrient-rich grains, seeds, sweeteners, and other earthy ingredients. Farms use only plant-based fertilizers and favor nature’s own time-tested methods to build nutrients in the soil, such as rotating crop varieties and allowing fields to lie fallow. As a result, they produce healthier, safer food. In addition to this, all their grains and seeds are also sprouted, so you get more nutrients that are easier to absorb and the bonus of better digestion.

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