Soaking nuts improves digestion process

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Is it necessary to soak nuts before their consumption? The answer to that question is yes, absolutely! This process improves their digestion and absorption!A soaking process of nuts, grains, and seeds break down the phytic acid so it can be absorbed properly. This is another reason why unsoaked nuts are hard to digest. Soaking nuts can neutralize the enzymes allowing for proper digestion. In another way, nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances found in nuts grains and seed can be minimized or eliminated by soaking. These enzyme inhibitors prevent the seed from sprouting prematurely but can cause potential problems in humans. They tend to bind the nutrients in the body, contributing to nutrient deficiencies and digestive system irritation.Many are unaware that the brown peel of almonds contains tannin, which inhibits nutrient absorption. Once the almonds are soaked, the peel comes off easily, allowing the nuts to release nutrients. Soaked almonds also help with digestion. It releases the enzyme lipase, which is beneficial for fat digestion.Soaking seeds and nuts is an easy process. There is no special equipment required to complete this process. There is no need for the dehydrator. Basically, you soak the nuts in salt water (salt is necessary to help neutralize the enzymes) and then you dry them. I use Celtic Sea Salt, one teaspoon per bowl of nuts.  Keep the bowl at room temperature and cover with a flour sack cloth or thin tea towel that breathes. Make sure to fully dry them,  otherwise, they could become moldy. For drying, you can use the oven, but do not go over 150°F. Keeping the low temperature, you still preserve the nutritional value of the seeds and nuts.Soaking nuts not only helps with digestion but it enhances the flavor tremendously! They are slightly crispy, have a nice texture, and taste amazing.Most of the information on this topic was researched using  

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